Anne Morgendorffer-Lane

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Anne "Annie" Morgendorffer-Lane

"Ma, Beatrice puked in the siiiiink..."

Daughter of Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane (or their parallel universe analogs) in several works by Ranchoth.

Annie first appeared (as Annie Lane) in A Desperately Needed Happy Ending to "Darius," an unofficial epilogue to The Angst Guy's Darius. She later appears—in visual form, albeit unnamed—in an April Fools video in 2006, and in a flashback in Inauguration.

Annie is the younger of two sisters. Known to be a fan of TV science documentaries, and the cartoon series Happy Tree Friends. She has red hair, cut in a "Pageboy."

Behind the Scenes[edit]

The two Daria-Jane kids were originally created as part of a backstory for a semi-defunct fanfic project, and were subsequently reused by the author in other, unrelated works—for the sake of convenience, and as an in-joke. Annie's name was, originally "Gally" (short for "Galatea." Which, in the context of the original story, was not especially unusual). She was renamed after one of Daria's fanon middle names, "Anne."