Mother's Love

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A Mother's Love is a series of three stories by Richard Lobinske based on an idea from Lawndale Stalker and augmented by The Angst Guy. The later story "Three" was a crossover between this universe and the author's John Lane and Falling Into College universes.

Beta reader Kristen Bealer always maintained it should've been called, "Bug Wars".

Winner of "Favorite Post-Is It Fall Yet?" story in the 2nd Daria Fanworks Awards


Alien Pond:

Two years after graduating from Raft, a heartbroken Daria retreats to her new Montana cabin to find a 21st Century Walden. When a small spacecraft crashes in the pond behind the cabin, she finds herself the adoptive mother of three alien children until a rescue can arrive in a year.

Alien Home:

Six years after Daria’s adopted children left Earth, an alien assassin appears at her home on the eve of her annual trip to the Montana cabin. Daria and Jane are on the run and a new rebellion threatens the fledgling alien democracy.

Alien Heritage:

Three years after Daria returns to Nest, a detailed analysis of the weapon Artie used to kill Angier Sloane shows it was made on Earth. Daria and Eveningsky go to Earth to finish negotiating a treaty between Humans, Folk and Seekers, while Tim returns to investigate who may have been behind Artie’s weapon, and what their ultimate plans are.

New Characters[edit]

Daria's adopted daughters:

Original Characters:

  • Anatov, Col. Sergei, Russian flight leader
  • Autumnheart, Autumnblossom's daughter
  • Autumnsky , Trumind's daughter
  • Azurelake, pilot of Nebulachaser's lauch
  • Brighon, Emma, host of Newsmakers Tonight
  • Campbell, Jonathan, UN negotiator
  • Chambers, Assistant Director, traitor agent that attempted to betray Daria
  • Crystalblossom, Autumnblossom's daughter
  • Crystalheart, Folk intelligence officer and Autumnblossom's romantic interest
  • Duvall, Henry, Amy's son
  • Duvall, Martin, Amy's husband
  • Eaton, Capt. human copilot assigned to Nebulachaser's launch
  • Eveningblossom, Trumind's daughter
  • Grace, Dennis, current "Grace" of Grace, Sloane and Page
  • Grace, Ellison,founding partner of GS&P
  • Goodupholder, Autumnblossom's daughter, named for Daria
  • Honoredcreator, Eveningsky's daughter
  • Jones, Lt. Col. Nancy, US flight leader “Wallflower”
  • Lawton, FBI Agent, investigator who found the GS&P Nevada facility
  • Leafweaver, a rebel observer on Earth who agrees to negotiate with Truemind
  • Morningvillager, Eveningsky's daughter
  • Newharvest, first captain of the Folk spaceship, Nebulachaser
  • Page, Oscar, founding partner of GS&P
  • Page, Xavier,current "Page" of Grace, Sloane and Page
  • Peacetree, a retired law advisor recruited for Daria's defense team
  • Phelps, Lydia, Sick, Sad World reporter who discovers the children's existance
  • O'Neal, Tim, an MIB-type agent who becomes Daria's romantic interest
  • Skyfollower, royal physician that informed the Traditionalists of the children's medical condition arising from using an artificial host
  • Sloane, Irving, Tom's great-great-grandfather and one of the founders of GS&P
  • Smith, Bruno, muscle for GS&P
  • Snowvine, former signal intelligence officer on Earth, used to pass on false information from GS&P about a Human/Seeker alliance to Truelimb
  • Streamrider, rebel saboteur and attempted assassin
  • StoneFastCollector Tolerance, Seeker representative to negotiations
  • Summerleaf, Nebulachaser's doctor
  • Swiftsong, the children's guardian, who was fatally wounded during their initial escape
  • Sweetwind, a Nestheart Guard that took a bullet to protect Daria.
  • Truelimb, the children's biological mother and Queen before her abdication.
  • Truepeace, Trumind's daughter
  • Tolliver, Cmdr. Bill, Quinn's husband and naval aviator and CAG on the Carl Vinson
  • Tolliver, Daria Jane, Quinn's daughter.
  • Warmhearth, High Cleric of the Traditionalists
  • Winterglow, second Captain of the Nebulachaser
  • Wisesunlight, Eveningsky's daughter

Alternate Canon characters:

  • Jane Lane
  • Mack MacKenzie
  • Quinn-Morgendorffer-Tolliver
  • Artie Simmons
  • Tom Sloane


  • 1999: Daria graduates from high school
  • 2003: Daria graduates from Raft. Meets Tom Sloane and they are married.
  • 2004: Daria has miscarriage, leading to her Divorce. Later in year, she moves in with Trent
  • 2005: Daria leaves Trent and moves to Montana Cabin. Main events of 'Alien Pond' begin in April.
  • 2006: Primary story of'Alien Pond' ends in April
  • 2011: 'Alien Pond' epilog. Daria learns of the children's success.
  • 2012-2013: Events of 'Alien Home' occur.
  • 2016-2019: Events of 'Alien Heritage' occur
  • 2205: Final epilog of 'Alien Heritage'

Outside Link[edit]

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