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Movie Review 2001 was a column on MTV's website, which included a sub-column by Daria and Quinn on contemporary movies.

"We stopped by the Morgendorffer home in Lawndale to chat with siblings Daria and Quinn, the stars of MTV's wildly popular animated series Daria. Here's what the girls had to say about drugs, cheerleaders, and bimbos, bellies and boobs."


MTV: So what did you think of Traffic?

Daria: I found it one of the more challenging movies of 2000, even though that's like calling Moe one of the more sophisticated of the Three Stooges. It portrayed the complexities of the War on Drugs with a refreshing absence of simplistic moralizing. And most important, Michael Douglas kept his clothes on.

Quinn: All that jumpy camera stuff made me kind of nauseous, which is good because I only ate six instead of my usual 10 kernels of popcorn. But it was really annoying the way half the time they weren't speaking English. I mean, going to a movie with subtitles is like paying to do homework. Or actually having a guy pay for you to do homework, and then you're sitting there trying to finish your social studies and he wants to make out.

MTV: Um, okay. So what did you think of Erika Christensen's performance?

Daria: It was refreshing to see a serious role for a teen actress after the usual onslaught of mindless raunch movies featuring empty-headed bimbos with big boobs and bare bellies. And it was the kind of gripping performance that really makes Hollywood sit up and take notice--for about 30 seconds. Then it's back to bimbos, bellies and boobs, oh my!

Quinn: I didn't understand her character at all. Why would a popular girl get into drugs? I blame her parents for not sitting her down when she was a little girl and telling her flat out what drugs do to your pores. You know--"Scared Straight." Hey, I wonder if you could scare your hair straight.

Daria: The film made two powerful points. First, it doesn't matter if you come of age in the ghetto or at a posh prep school, drugs can destroy your life. And second, if you change film stocks a lot, your movie will look arty.

Quinn: And it makes you really think about whether they should just legalize drugs. Because people always want stuff more when they can't have it. Like that guy who took me to the movie.

Bring It On[edit]

MTV: So�have you guys seen Bring It On?

Daria: Bring on the biting social commentary! When, oh when are those troglodytes at the Oscars going to wake up and add a category for "Best Bikini Car Wash?"

Quinn: I liked their outfits. It almost made me want to become a cheerleader. But then I might sweat, and I hate being sweaty. Not that I sweat. I don't even glow.

Daria: If you ask me, any film that involves two hours of watching cheerleaders rah-rahing and sis-boom-bahing is better off left on ESPN124. Although I did enjoy that made-for-TV movie where the rival cheerleader got whacked by an overzealous mom.

Quinn: Oh Daria, don't be such a--a--what kind of person doesn't like a cute movie about cheerleaders?

Daria: A person with more than two brain cells?

Quinn: That reminds me, do you have a cell phone I can borrow? I want to call Stacy and tell her about scaring her hair straight.

MTV: Well, I think that wraps it up. Yes, I definitely think so. Thanks for your time.

Daria: If there really is a thin line between pleasure and pain, then it was my pleasure.

Quinn: I wish I'd seen that "Crouching Tigger" movie. I love Winnie the Pooh. Although he should lay off the honey a little bit.

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