Mrs Dickie was one of the teachers at Highland High. She was a science teacher, though in later episodes Mr. Van Driessen would be teaching science instead.

Mrs Dickie.

Dickie was a serious teacher driven to despair and anger by having to teach Beavis and Butt-head. In "Scientific Stuff", she forced them to do another science project, this time partnered with Daria Morgendorffer (ignoring Daria's protests).

In "Citizen Butt-head", she was amused at the idea of killing the demented duo and in "Beavis and Butt-head are Dead" she was one of the teachers celebrating their 'deaths'.

In the 2011 revival, she's in the background of Copy Machine but replaced as a speaking character by an unnamed, easily-irritated brunette teacher voiced by Laraine Newman. In an interview with Rolling Stone on the revival, Mike Judge remarked, "We have one new teacher that's in a couple of episodes, a female teacher. I never felt like we had a good female teacher character."