Muck & Rage

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Muck & Rage ("The purest 'zine on the indie scene") is a small-press music magazine in "The Daria Diaries". Their cigar-smoking man Mike Z ("I was smoking them way back before the whole trend started") reviewed a Mystik Spiral gig at McGrundy's Brew Pub on 16th April.

Mike Z, who had mistakenly heard Jesse Moreno "used to play with Iggy", spent a large amount of the review complaining about the venue, his trip, how the bartender gave him dirty looks for smoking, and how "this arty chikc at the bar wouldn't talk to me, acting like she was the queen of something". When he does touch on the music, he complains "The singer was just some skinny guy who was just the type my ex-girlfriend would think is cute", a theme he returned to later as well. "The drummer sure can sweat, though."