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"My date with darea" is a fanfic written by Bluu under the pseudonym Darea-lover. In the story, Darealover goes on a date with Daria, which ends in them having sex after Darealover finishes his snack. After Daria leaves, every other girl except for Helen comes over to Darealover's house for an orgy. Darealover does not like Helen, calling her ugly and smelly.

This fic instantly became a cult classic among Daria fans, both for the deliberately bad writing and for the phrase "You taste of bun," which immediately joined the fandom's collection of in-jokes. The writing is horrific, full of spelling errors (such as "Darea" instead of "Daria") and poor grammar, to the point where it's so bad it's good.


The popularity of "My date with darea" inspired Bluu to write two sequels, "Upchack and the Magic Toofie" and "Darealove vs. helenlicker."

Influences on Daria Fandom[edit]

The phrase "You taste of bun" has become one of the fandom's in-jokes. It is used on the Daria message boards from time to time, most frequently in the PPMB archives from the first half of 2006.

That phrase also inspired the title of the third "Celebrity Jeopardy: Daria Edition" episode, "You Taste Of Bun."

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