Mystik Spiral's Lonely Lawndale Band

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Another Beatles parody by jak981125 that follows a new format. It is a concert event rather than a film or album parody.


The members of Mystik Spiral agree to throw a concert featuring all Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band parodies in order to raise money for a September 11th relief fund. The concert is hosted by a reluctant Daria and features performances in between songs by Lawndale locals which range from comedy, to songs, to martial arts demonstrations. The story is mostly comedy and yet becomes quite serious at times due to the 9-11 theme.

Quite possibly the most notable feature of this story is its artwork. The picture was jak981125's modern take on the Sgt. Pepper cover and was drawn for him by Kemical Reaxion. It features the members of Mystik Spiral in Sgt. Pepper attire surrounded by carboard cutouts of various celebrities not to mention jak988125 and Kemical Reaxion themselves.