Natalia Luchinni

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The current lover of Darren Appleton in the Legion of Lawndale Heroes series. An unusually beautiful Argentinian woman in her early twenties, Natalia Luchinni is also a member of the worldwide hierarchy known as The Elite.

Metahuman abilities[edit]

Natalia possesses the metahuman power of teleportation. She is capable of transporting herself to any place on the planet with ease - as well as transporting others as well. She can teleport up to 25 tons of material with her, or by itself to another location.

Natalia can teleport herself to anywhere that she can imagine, even to places she has never been before. The sole exception is into places that are specifically shielded against teleportation (even then, if a person with powers that allow her to actually see the point she wants to teleport to in real-time, she can do so), or inside places with incredibly dense molecular materials in very large amounts. (For example, Natalia could not teleport inside Zero Area at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies, as the extremely large amounts of Adamantium that make up the walls of the chamber make it impossible to pass through.)

It is possible, however, that with actual training, Natalia could learn how to teleport through such obstacles. At present, Natalia has no actual training with her power except what she has learned through her own experiences.


  • Natalia is an economics student at a university in her native country.
  • Natalia's family is incredibly wealthy; according to her, the level of her family's wealth is sufficient to allow her to marry Darren without needing to worry about social repercussions (due to Darren being a 'grubworm'). Among her family's many possessions is fully one-half ownership in the Caribbean island of Cristal Cielo.
  • Natalia has a fiery temper; it was this flaw that eliminated her from consideration as a possible wife for Furmann Singh, as she was one of the three finalists. It was noted, however, that Furmann was actually fond of her, considered her a worthy choice for marriage, and felt that her temper was his favorite thing about her.
  • Natalia has a tendency to teleport people who annoy her away from her presence and into lethal environments. In the past, she has teleported persons into solid rock 1000 miles beneath the Earth, into active volcanoes, and into high Earth orbit.