National Inquistor

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Like the gateways created by the Architects, the National Inquisitor exists in some form (real or in fiction) throughout not only the Daria Multiverse, but The Multiverse as well. A supermarket tabloid-format newspaper, the Inquisitor is well-known for the most sensationalistic stories... and for the occasional burst of actual journalistic ability, as several major stories of actual merit have been first reported by the tabloid.

In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes universe, the Inquisitor has printed several salacious articles on Kyle Armalin's dealings with the Legion, and was the first to print stories suggesting a romantic relationship between him and Sandi Griffin (as well as coined the term 'Kandi' -for 'Kyle/Sandi' - to highlight the fictional romance). The editorial staff of the tabloid, with their collective 'nose for news', has covertly kept a pair of reporters in Lawndale since the opening of Legion Tower, waiting for a story to erupt.