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In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes universe, the National Legion is the term used to describe any chapter of the Legion outside of the Lawndale chapter, or any member of the Legion outside of Chapter #1 (Lawndale).

Example: "Hi, I'm Barb Sanders - National Legion, Orlando chapter."

It should be stressed that the phrase is an 'insider' term used by Legion members. The general public refers to ALL legion chapters as 'The Legion' and all members as 'Legionnaires'.

While all National Legion chapters are operating under the edict set down by Russell Stark in his outline for the Legion - at present, no member of the National Legion is aware of the metahuman abilities of the Lawndale members.

Members of the National Legion have been busy with many local and national efforts to help others; Tom Sloane recounted in a conversation how National Legion chapters have helped to raise over 1.3 million dollars (to date) for post-Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Other groups have been active in their own neighborhoods; the Bronx chapter is noted for helping a local homeless shelter to the point that the shelter was able to quadruple the number of persons they were able to assist, and the Laguna Beach chapter began to sell Legion insignia pins (with the specific colors of the Legionnaires in the Lawndale chapter) for their charity. The Colorado Springs chapter, meanwhile, has begin a cable television show called All Things Legion which keeps track on National Legion activities. The show is scheduled to be picked up by a national carrier by the end of the year (in 2007, the show was taken into syndication by the television superstation 'WGN America'.

It was recently revealed that there are 116 chapters of the National Legion, and that National Legion philanthropic activities raised almost five million dollars for various charitable causes (between January-November 2007).

Known National Legion chapters (partial list)[edit]

  • Lawndale, Maryland
    • Lawndale High School (chapter currently inactive due to destruction of LHS; will reactivate when LHS reopens)
    • Carter County High School
    • Polk High School
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (acted as liaison group for National Legion relief efforts in area post-Hurricane Katrina)
  • Laguna Beach, California
  • Evansville, Indiana (unclear; cadets are seen wearing Legion insignia lapel pins with Legionnaire-specific colors)
  • New York City (several chapters in operation)
    • Manhattan (Jon Stewart's children are members)
    • The Bronx, New York