Night Witches

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Night Witches is a military alternate universe story by Jason Weiser (as Panzerfaust 150). Intensely detailed, it is taking years to complete.

Daria and Jane graduate in 1981, only for a series of bad investments to wipe out most of the Morgendorffer's savings and make Daria join the US Air Force so 'Uncle Sam' will cover her college costs. An alternate universe decision to put women in combat pilot roles (to bulk short numbers) sees her and Jane serving in a F-111 bomber plane just as the Third World War breaks out in 1985.

As the story goes on, Quinn (as a press reporter) and Aunt Amy (as a propagandist) are drawn into things while Daria and Jane fight the Warsaw Pact nations.


  • The title refers to the nickname for the famous all-women 588th Night Bomber Regiment, a Soviet WW2 force that used wooden biplanes to bomb German lines.
  • The WW3 is the one depicted in Sir John Hackett's "Third World War" novels. (When Hackett wrote the first one in 1975 and the update in 1982, the books were near-future sci-fi)

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