Nova Salazarium

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Nova Salazarium is a variant alloy of Basic Salazarium that was created by the Corps of Ringbearers in response to the events during the Worldburner Crisis.


During the Worldburner Crisis, the Corps of Ringbearers made a deal with the DELPHI organization on D-387 to obtain the formula for Basic Salazarium. The Corps realized that creating enough material for their needs would be a strain on even their resources, and thus set out to create a variant material that could be applicable for their needs without the resource drain. Nova Salazarium is a material that allows non-mystical beings to create weapons capable of fighting mystical creatures and equipment that can operate in mystically-active environments; the first of these weapons was the JK-11 PFT weapon.

The Corps of Ringbearers has allowed the formula for synthesizing the material to proliferate freely (as part of their Mandate to combat supernatural forces).


Nova Salazarium possesses a limited number of properties of Basic Salazarium (its hyper-conductive nature, ability to interfere with unwanted inter-dimensional movement, resistance to anti-matter/energy, and gravity-inversion/mystical-disruptive properties). The modified process of creating this variant of the alloy vastly decreases the material costs and resources needed, but at a cost to the increased molecular stability that gives the base alloy its immense resistance to damage.

Nova Salazarium has the gold-like malleability factors of Basic Salazarium - however, unlike the material it was derived from, Nova Salazarium permanently retains that level of malleability (unlike Basic Salazarium, which only holds that state for its first 36 hours after creation). In addition, the gravity-inversion and anti-magical properties of the metal are vastly decreased; Nova Salazarium possesses only 25% of the functional capabilities of Basic Salazarium as listed above. (The anti-matter/energy resistance properties of Nova Salazarium are unaltered, as with all variants of the alloy.) The effect of the alloy against mystical beings is akin to that of an electrical fence/prod or tazer, which drives even reanimated beings (such as vampires and zombies) away from the material/forces them to remain a short distance away, or causes damage with extended contact. Nova Salazarium is especially useful against spiritual/spectral beings; even small quantities disrupts the ability of such beings to pass through solid materials or possess living beings, forces lesser beings out of possessed beings and causes difficulties for higher spectral beings to control their possessed host bodies. On D-411 (the world where the 9/11 Manifestations took place), Nova Salazarium was used in paint and metallic spray-coating for many things (such as car under-bodies, house paint and even for decorative items) in order to prevent spiritual forces from entering or affecting homes, cars, workplaces and other buildings. The alloy generates a light disruptive area of effect around itself; the general range is two meters per one ounce (unlike Basic Salazarium, the effects do not increase with greater amounts of the material).

It has been noted that Nova Salazarium is not suited for use in personal armor, due to the inherent softness of the alloy (and because attempting to create new alloys with Nova Salazarium only lessens the effectiveness of the alloy (it will only possess 10% of the functional capabilities of Basic Salazarium after such treatments take place). Due to the restrictive effects listed above in terms of trying to make armor with the alloy combined with the costs of doing so and the lessened effects, making such armor is not even attempted.


Due to its properties and reduced production costs, Nova Salazarium perfect for use in mass-production of electronic equipment or weapons for environments with high levels of mystical energy or by beings with mystical abilities without compromising their ability to use those electrical devices.

It can also be used for mass-production of static defenses for standard minimal defensive capacities against mystical beings (for example, average items around the home such as chain-link fences, siding for houses, screen/storm doors, window screens, etc.). Such items must be synthesized by means of Corps production facilities or loom wards configured to synthesize the alloy.

Because of the lessened effects of the alloy, items capable of allowing a person to fly (rings, etc.) cannot be made with Nova Salazarium. However, such objects can allow a person to levitate several feet above a surface (solid or liquid), or glide and land without harm from any height; one ounce of material is the minimum amount needed for such effects. In areas where such items can be made and procured, bracelets and rings made of/with sufficient amounts of Nova Salazarium are also used as personal protection from mystical beings. The most common use noted is in 'dreamcatchers' and other such items, which are placed near entrances and in sleeping areas to protect individuals. Another common use of such items is to be placed in lavatories and bathing areas, to prevent any attacks during use of those facilities. (It has been noted that Terrestrial Salazarium has been used in the same manners listed above for millennia by those familiar with the metal's true properties.)

The colonist- and tactical-issue Guidebooks specifically issued by the Corps of Ringbearers to trained colonists, and CPSD officers trained at official Corps facilities have Nova Salazarium built into them, which allows them gliding capability and limited defense against supernatural dangers. Guidebooks which are synthesized by use of a Defender Ring or a Rix will not have these capabilities.