Objectivity Free Landslide Victory

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Objectivity Free Landslide Victory is an essay by Guy Wheatley that compares S3 and S4.

He refers to a fandom view that Season 3 was the weakest of the four so far, the fan debate on S4's quality and 'what was going on', reference to "char-devvers" who view the show primarily through wanting character development, and that a section of the fanbase had been boosting S4 after the Tom-Daria plot kicked in from "I Loathe a Parade".

Disagreeing with the view of S3 being weak, Wheatley goes episode-by-episode in comparing S3 and S4 to argue S3 is the better year.

"Partner's Complaint", "Murder, She Snored" and "The F Word" are referred to as "controversial" episodes, in line with essays like Daniel Suni's Cynic's Complaint and Kara Wild's It Happened to Jane which discuss the first and third, respectively. "Depth Takes a Holiday" is, as was the case for years in early fandom, talked about as a nadir (and here argued not that it's good but it's better than "Murder, She Snored".)

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