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Odell Jones is a fictional character appearing in Doggieboy's serial fan fiction Apocalyptic Daria. He is considered to one of the most prominent and malicious villains in Daria fan fiction history.

Character History[edit]

A deacon at the Carthage UMC Rescue Center, Odell comes to prominence when he saves Daria Morgendorffer's life after Martha Peters tried to murder her in revenge for what she considered distracting her son Martin Peters from his 'true calling' to become a preacher. Later, as Martin and Daria are heading off to be alone (after the death of his father), Odell warns them that their time together could be seen as inappropriate (despite the fact that both are over the age of consent); Daria assures him that nothing is going to happen.

Later, after three bullies attempt to assault Daria and Martin and are injured in the process, Odell, the church's pastor and two other deacons hold a 'kangaroo court' in which they sentence Daria and Martin to an unjust series of punishments, while giving no punishments to the three who started the trouble. (It is later revealed that one of the boys is Odell's nephew.) Daria is approached by Odell later; from the manner of his actions, it can be assumed that he had planned to place her in an area without a weapon where he could sexually assault her without anyone coming to her rescue. She is saved from this by Kathy Wilson.

The sentences are later overruled by the assembled congregation, where the topic of Odell's latent lascivious nature is touched upon (including the fact that Odell finds Daria, Jane Lane and Pam Garrett - Trent Lane's girlfriend - to be desirable - especially Daria, who he refers to in a conversation with Martin as 'forbidden fruit'.) After the meeting, one of the other parishioners remarks that this explains several things about Odell; the insinuation is that Odell has had these repressed sexual urges and longings for many years, but had failed to address them because of his religious beliefs. Later, Martin warns him directly that if he ever approaches Daria in that manner again, he will be killed.

Odell later learns, to his horror, that some of his misadventures, including the molestation of a 13-year-old girl, have been recorded in a popular online blog by another girl known as Forever Kristie.

Odell teams up with a Marine gone bad, named Kerry Thompson. Together they plot to kidnap Renee Andrews - actually Forever Kristie - and use her in a teen prostitute ring. She escapes with the help of Daria, Martin Peters and others. In the resulting gunfight, Odell loses a testicle. Jane Lane afterward gives him the nickname "One Shell Odell".

Before Odell could face a military tribunal under the terms of martial law, he escaped from custody and managed to kidnap a teenaged girl from somewhere away from Carthage and the rescue center.

Physical Description[edit]

Odell Jones is 39 years old. He is 5-foot-11-inches tall, and weighs around 170-175 pounds. He has light brown hair, which (in Apocalyptic Daria) he combs over in a wave, as if he were trying to imitate Elvis Presley or Fonzie. He and his wife, Nora, have been married for 20 years and are now childless. They had a daughter, Andrea, who died in infancy. Had she lived, she would have been eighteen during the events of the story.

Despite the fact that Martin Peters is three inches taller and outweighs him by 25-30 pounds, Odell is physically stronger (Martin couldn't pry Odell's hand off his throat in one part of the story).

Odell Jones in The Judith Saga[edit]

In The Last Stand of Odell Jones, a alternate-reality Odell Jones is seen - an Odell who is a completely honorable and moral person who deserves the term 'hero' to be used in reference to him. The leader of a Corps of Ringbearers task force assigned to track down and retrieve a Ringbearer Slipstream Vessel (RSV) stolen by Judith, he was killed in action during a violent battle against incredible numbers of zombies (including a large number of Meta-Zack. While having the opportunity to save himself, Odell bravely led a remaining force of Ringbearers in a holding action, allowing the surviving crewmen and a number of Ringbearers he ordered to protect them to open up a gateway to safety. His sacrifice allowed the Corps of Ringbearers to be alerted to the news that Judith had used the RSV in order to enter a 'necroverse' (a void in existence that was formerly occupied by an alternate universal plane/reality) and retrieve the being known as Apocalypse from her eternal imprisonment. For his overwhelming bravery and unwavering adherence to a lifelong standard of morality, righteousness and honor, Odell Jones' Defender Ring became only the sixteenth Ring in the entire millennia-long history of the Corps to be placed in honor upon The Memorial.

Odell Jones in the Legion of Lawndale Heroes universe[edit]


The Odell Jones of the LLH universe is identical to the majority of evil Odells in existence, save that he is possessed of The Metagene in his biological makeup. This Odell attempted to drug and rape Renee Andrews; unknown to him, Renee was also a metahuman, and the combination of the 'rape drugs' she had ingested and the stress of the attempted rape caused her to manifest her power of transformation into a 'Transformer'-style human-form robot with awesome firepower. (As in the Apocalyptic Daria reality, he lost a testicle during the encounter (resulting in his receiving the 'One-Shell Odell' sobriquet in this reality, as well.) Escaping from the hospital, Odell spent over a year in the back woods of Maryland, only occasionally coming into smaller towns or suburbs to steal things from homes in order to survive.

Odell's life was forever changed when he was exposed to an unknown energy source; this occurred after Odell (hunting for squirrels in order to feed himself) saw a squirrel with a unique blue-green coloration. Reasoning that he could sell the squirrel's distinctive pelt, he shot at the squirrel, and was caught in the massive blast (from later examination of the blast site by DELPHI investigators, the explosion was of such a magnitude - satellite imagery detected a nuclear-level detonation in the multiple-megaton range) - however, his body somehow managed to absorb the entirety of the unknown energy and the entirety of the blast-effects into not only his body but into the palm of his right hand, where he now had a marking on the palm of his right hand (a pronounced, perfect circle of darkened-pink that was about the size of a fifty-cent piece that was warm to the touch).

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Odell now possesses the ability to generate that unknown form of energy from his right hand, and also possesses an extraordinarily fine level of control over the energy; to date, he has been seen to use the energy to clean his body in the manner of a shower, leaving his body hair intact.(Odell has not yet been seen to use this facet of his power in other ways, this demonstrates, however, that the energy he generates has the capacity to immediately sever molecular bonds upon a certain level of exposure, causing them to disintegrate.) It was also noted that when Odell focuses his energies upon himself, they provide a slight regenerative factor which allows Odell to sustain himself without the need of food or rest for a slightly extended period of time.

Odell can also use his power to kill a person by touch (causing immediate and catastrophic combustion in the victim's body). He has also demonstrated the ability to impart his power into other objects and materials; when he first manifested his power, Odell imparted his power into handfuls of mud, which detonated with enough force to splinter and knock down large trees.

Odell possesses total immunity to this energy; it is possible this immunity also extends to other forms of radiant or destructive energies.


When he was exposed to the energy that gave him his powers, Odell was wearing a pair of calfskin gloves. Those gloves are now invulnerable to his powers, as well as most other forms of damage (including the ravages of time). Furthermore, the longer Odell wears those gloves, the greater the level of damage resistance they possess increases.

Odell was also on possession of two firearms when he was exposed to the unknown energy source: a Smith & Wesson Model 36 (Chief's Special) with mother-of-pearl grips, and a High Standard HDM semi-automatic target pistol equipped with an integral sound suppressor and a match-grade telescopic sight. Both survived being irradiated and were abandoned by Odell; those firearms are now in the possession of DELPHI, where both firearms have demonstrated unusual qualities.

Other Noteworthy Appearances[edit]

Odell also appears in Brother Grimace's Odell's Pleasant Day, an AU version of Apocalyptic Daria.

He is also referenced in Behind Enemy Lines; it is revealed that he is summarily executed by Franklin Davers after Davers caught him attempting to rape Charlotte Spearsman aboard The Habitat.