Old Stanley's

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A prominent location for metahumans in the Legion of Lawndale Heroes series, Old Stanley's is a seven-story hotel located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Built in the French Quarter in 1720 by a temporary coalition of ‘special people’ from diverse backgrounds, all of whom possessed power, Old Stanley's was built for the purpose of creating a neutral area where anyone of their ilk could go for rest, entertainment, to work out business, or for sanctuary. (An unusually tall structure for its time, Old Stanley's was specifically built to have seven floors as part of the internal defensive measures inherent within the structure.)

A series of extraordinarily potent (and direct) defensive measures are in place, which are time-tested as to their effectiveness against any ultra-powered metahuman (or human forces) who wants to take the establishment, and its secrets and power, for their own purposes. Those same defensive measures also protect the establishment from any form of damage; the structure was undamaged by the effects of Hurricane Katrina, and many residents of the area who were unable to leave (those who have some idea of just what the place is, but have the good sense not to pry or run their mouths) sought and were granted shelter at Old Stanley's during the emergency.

Old Stanley's serves the same purposes for metahumans as the Leaky Cauldron does for the Wizarding World. There are several elevators in the lobby, as well as a majestic dual staircase; however, only metahumans (and hotel employees) can access the fourth floor (beyond the very large foyer/concession area that the dual staircase opens onto ). Entrances to the fourth floor open onto what appears to be a vast mall-like shopping and living area, complete with a large wooded site complete with a small lake, and access to 'gateways' that can transport them to anywhere on Earth. All major metahuman business occurs upon the fourth floor, but anyone is free to stay anywhere in the hotel, which somehow always seems to have enough rooms for occupancy, and enough staff to adequately service the guests of the establishment and any needs or requests they may have, no matter how obscure or unique. The seventh floor is the 'ultra-luxury' floor, where each suite can be configured in any fashion that the guest wishes, with as much opulent decadence as the guest requires. (Guests who wish to stay on the seventh floor - and can afford to do so - must call for reservations at least twenty-four hours in advance; however, in the event of 'special circumstances', three rooms are always held open. These rooms will need a ninety-minute preparation period, which the guest may spend on the fourth floor.)

When Kyle Armalin went to New Orleans in 2005 to aid in the relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, he and other metahumans used Old Stanley's as a covert base of operations. When Black Majesty came to Legion Tower in search of a Soul Crystal, Armalin wondered if he was known to the staff at Old Stanley's, indicating that there is a fairly comprehensive listing of metahumans available at the establishment. The VR combat simulation between the members of the Legion of Lawndale Heroes and The Alliance (seen in LLH 12:5 and 12:6) was viewed my a select group of spectators at an establishment on the Fourth Floor known as The Club, where a grest deal of wagering on the match took place.