On Physical Attractiveness in Metahumans

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The first Legion of Lawndale Heroes 'Mini' to be written by smk. The story takes place in Swedlund Hall on the first night that the Legionnaires are at USAES. The four former members of the Fashion Club have a conversation on just how attractive and physically endowed many of the young women who attend USAES are, and realize that their possession of special powers does not make them as special as they believed themselves to be.


  • The Fashion Club, for the first time, admits that they consider Jodie Landon as meeting their standards of what they consider 'attractive'.
  • Tiffany is seen speaking in what approximates a normal vocal pattern. This is said to be the result of her being overwhelmed by Zoey Robertson's physical appearance.
  • This is the first appearance of Tainn Reynolds, who Stacy shares a room with.
  • While writing this Mini, smk accidentally referenced one of the characters discussed by the Legionnaires as female instead of male. Upon reading the Mini, Brother Grimace liked the idea so much that he changed the character of Lindy Lomard (originally created as Lincoln Lomard) from male to female.

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