Orlando Dariacon 2008

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The Orlando Dariacon 2008 was planned as a major gathering of Daria fans, but fell short of the goal to have as many Daria fans meet in person as possible, not simply across the United States but across the world. Various real world complications among planned attendees seriously reduced attendance.

Time and Location[edit]

March 1st and 2nd, 2008
La Quinta Inn Orlando Airport West
7931 Daetwyler Drive
Orlando, FL 32812
Phone:  (407) 857-9215


Those in attendance were Kristen Bealer, her husband Bryan, Teeki, Shallow15, Richard Lobinske and his wife Louise.

Kristen, Bryan, Louse and Richard arrived February 28 and spent most of February 29 prowling comic stores in the Orlando area. Teeki arrived on Friday and met up with the others for dinner, followed by the quest for chocolate and books.

Shallow15 arrived on Saturday in time for the emergency switch from the hotel-provided DVD player to a laptop to watch episodes 303-408. The disc was left by chance in Kristen and Bryan's laptop and used after Richard had forgotten to grab his full run of DVDs after spending the last moments before leaving home chasing a cat. The show watching was frequently punctuated with comments about the show and fanfiction, with wild tangents thrown in for good measure. The pizzas delivered for lunch had an extra quart of grease added to each. By the end of the night, the uneaten leftovers were discarded (showing how greasy the pizzas were). Part of the afternoon was spent poolside, as those from northern climes enjoyed the warm weather. Dinner was at a nearby Italian place so that lasagna was available for those who wished to partake.

Sunday was spent preparing for member departures to home or to continue vacations in Florida.