Our Drummer's Rusty Van

One of jak981125's trademark Beatles parodies, this story spoofs the Fab Four's 1968 animated film "Yellow Submarine".

Summary Edit

In this story a group of pop-loving, teenie bopping monsters known as Pink Meanies invade the Utopian world of Paperland (a thinly veiled reference to the Paperpusher's Message Board). Jak981125 features himself in the story as he flees Paperland in an exact copy of Max's van, The Tank, rather than a Yellow Submarine. He arrives in Lawndale to seek help from Mystik Spiral. The story primarily revolves around Max, jak981125, and Val who becomes the Nowhere Man of this tale.

There are 13 song parodies, not all of which are canon to the original film. It should also be noted that jak981125 follows the storyline of the more recent DVD release of the film rather than the 1968 theatrical version.