Out Here On My Own

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Out Here On My Own is Legion of Lawndale Heroes Chapter 11.1 - the first part of the long-running fanfiction series created by Roentgen to be written by Brother Grimace.

It should be noted that chapters written by Brother Grimace tend to be somewhat longer in page length than the chapters written by Roentgen.

Plot Spoilers[edit]

The story picks up eleven weeks after the fire that Sandi Griffin was trapped in; using her newly-discovered ability to telepathically track and pinpoint lifesigns, Daria Morgendorffer alerts Jane Lane and Tom Sloane as to where Sandi can be found. Tom rescues her, and in the process discovers that he has a superhuman visual ability he coins 'shape-vision'. Sandi is relatively unhurt by her narrow escape.

Sandi is also becoming more focused in her training after her brush with disaster, and this is noticed by Kyle Armalin, who has taken her under his wing for training in a Padawan-like manner (for example, he is having her learn how to handle firearms and light energy weapons).

Trent Lane, feeling lonely, goes to the Lawndale Mall; there, he runs into Anthony DeMartino, and finds that he's not teaching because he's beginning a career as a novelist - and that he's living with Claire Defoe. It is revealed that she is not working at the present time, and insinuated that they're in a relationship.

Tom, through a series of events, laments the lack of control he has over his 'shape-vision' at present, and how he has (accidentally) seen through the clothing of Jane and Daria during a sparring session. He gets a taste of his own medicine, however, when Stacy Rowe, bringing him dinner as payback for saying Sandi (and because she has a tiny crush on him, slightly heightened by her powers), is there when his bathrobe unexpectedly opens, exposing Tom and later sending an painfully aroused Stacy diving into the indoor pool to cool off.

Tom also muses over several events that have occured in the time since Sandi's accident, most notably Kyle's promotion to the rank of Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve and being awarded the Navy Cross - and Sandi being asked to accompany him to Washington, D.C. for the ceremonies.

Kyle and the members of the Legion training cadre hold a meeting; Sandi's improved attitude and performance in training is noted and complimented, as is Charles' flight training, and the revelation of Daria's life-scan ability. It is also revealed that Daria has developed the ability to subconsciously link with others in order to speak their languages.

Brittany's continuing inabilty to effectively train as a paramedic is addressed, with the consensus being that she should consider switching her training over towards being an infiltration specialist. The meeting ends with Kyle, after agreeing on the current level of ability throughout the Legionnaires' ranks, informing the cadre that the Legionnaires should be sent upon a training session known only as 'the Outlast'.


  • This story takes place eleven weeks after "Hold Nothing Back" (LLH 10:3).
  • Armalin is promoted to full colonel sometime between 10:3 and 11:1.
  • It is implied that in the future, the only Legionnaire marriages that will survive are the two between Legionnaires.
  • Brittany's maternal grandfather was a Civil War re-enactor and taught her how to shoot when she was a child

Dramatis Personae[edit]

  • Jahr, one of the Legion instructors
  • Randall -- another instructor, one who can speak Aramaic
  • Samuels, who is unfortunately in charge of Brittany's medical training.


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