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Outpost Daria

Outpost Daria, run by Martin J. Pollard, was the largest, longest-running fansite in Daria fandom history until its scheduled closure on June 2013, and now as Outpost Daria Reborn is run by NeonHomer since 2014.

It is the last survivor of the old 'supersites' that ran when the show aired, outlasting its brethren like Planet Daria, and its message board (now gone) was a hub of fandom activity. With episode transcripts, character guidelines, and essays, it has been invaluable since 1998 for discussing the show and contains the largest repository of Daria fanfiction on the net. Its brief absence left a gaping wound in the fandom!

The name is a reference to Outpost Gallifrey, a similar and long-running Doctor Who fansite.


The site went online on October 3, 1998, and October 6 added its first fanfiction - with contemporary fandom heavyweights C.E. Forman and Michelle Klein-Hass.

On May 20, 2007, citing personal reasons, Martin announced that the evening's update would be the final one, but that the website would remain up through the rest of the year. The loss of the website's updates was a major part of the Great Daria Fandom Implosion of 2007.

On March 10, 2008, Outpost Daria once again became active, with many new fanfics being added to its archives. Further updates were made until August 2011.

In March 2013, it was announced that the website was closing down in June. All material from the site was made available for download. On June 4, 2013, Outpost Daria went offline (though it could still be found via the Wayback Machine).

On June 20th, 2014, NeonHomer went live with Outpost Daria Reborn, the last copy of Outpost Daria on the site. It slowly began adding fanworks by newer writers and artists.

The Reborn incarnation itself briefly went offline on 3rd August 2020 due to the hosting provider updating the DNS entry and forgetting to inform NeonHomer.

Criticism of the original[edit]

It had been noted that while Martin J. Pollard would publicly acknowledge the request of an author or artist to remove their works from his site, those works were never actually removed and, in fact, remained on the site years after the request had been made. While the listings for those works were removed from the story and author indexes on the site, but not from the What's New section of the site, those works could be found via searching with most search engines.

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