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OverlordMikey (Also called Overlord, Mikey, or OM) is a Daria fanfiction author who tried his hand at fanart on the side once (didn‘t go well). His stories sometimes become a bit - surreal.

Biographical Information[edit]

OverlordMikey or just Mikey/Mike (some call him Overlord as well- he likes that) is 25 years old (Born December 15th 1987). He is a nervous wreck who constantly worries about things and is a neurotic. He used to hate talking about himself much and worried no one would like his stories. Now his personality shifted and he often acts egotistical and like a jerk at times (more befitting his title of Overlord), however he is still a very nice person (although honest person) who still has doubts his own abilities. He also dreams of being a writer.

He is most happy when people enjoy his stories and honestly admits he enjoys praise because that means that he has touched someone’s soul as they say, yet he feels criticism is important and loves honesty.

He is also proud of being bisexual and dislikes when people (either through words or actions) imply bisexuality doesn’t exist. He is an atheist, but believes that as long as people are friendly there is little reason to argue with them and shows no real hostility toward the religious.

On Outpost Daria and Fanfiction.net he uses the name Overlord Mikey-kun.

He enjoys the following quote from the anime Princess Tutu: A story's birth is a sudden event. The start, a happy accident. The end, the fate for which it's meant. A story that never ends is a cruel thing.

Written Works[edit]




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Fan Art[edit]

Normal/Shipping/ect. Coming soon

Fanfic Related:

  • The Puppet Princess of Lawndale Kingdom Artwork : A series of pictures for the characters from OverlordMikey's own crossover fanfic.
  • The Lane That Wasn't - Symbolism: Inspired by the LadieTAG fanfic The Lane That Wasn't. The link leads directly to the picture on photobucket.

Others/Crossover coming soon

Daria Tidbits that May Shock You - Behind the Scenes with Mikey[edit]

  • OverlordMikey enjoys Japanese RPGs. He is very fond of Persona 2 Innocent Sin and wishes to somehow take the concept of that game and create a Daria fanfic around it- can he do it? He has many ideas, but it needs work.
  • He considers the ultimate proof of an author is the ability to accept criticism.
  • He love Sir Terry Pratchett and must get more of his books!
  • Has a glasses fetish... Everyone can be improved with the right frames...
  • Loves the cold - hates humidity and heat.

One of the Lords (Wannabe Angst Lord Song)[edit]

OverlordMikey is far from subtle about how he wants to be an Angst Lord. This led him to make up a song about his feelings - a parody on “Part of Your World“ from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. There have been some very minor changes to the original.

Yet maybe I'm not right, is there something the matter with me?


I just don't see how I can be angsty enough...


"Look at this stuff

Isn't it bleak

Wouldn't you say my writings unique

Wouldn't you think I'm the guy, the guy who'll hurt - everything.

Look at this tome, treasure to be told. How much pain must one page hold?

Looking around here you'd think, "he's wrote 'bit of everythin' ".

Wrote comedy and laughter a plenty, romance and passion galore.

Want wired 'ems, got twenty.

Who cares, no big deal, I WANT MORE~!

I wanna be - where the people hurt, I wanna see - wanna see 'em suffer

Crawling around on their - what was that - (Me: oh right) -knees

Goofin' around you don't get to far, pain is required for drama and twistin',

crawling on the -(Jane: Crawl!) - coals!

There where they cry, There where they run, there where they're killed by the sun!

Angsting to see, wish I could be, part of their world!

What I'd give to throw away my petty compassion!

What I would give to spend a day heartless and cruel!

Bet that then - they'd understand - they'd give me the ligh' saber.

Evil minion, twisted spinnin', I'm ready to damn!

Ready to show what the Angst Lords show!

Make 'em ask question and give no answers!

Throw in some unicorns and watch 'em - burn!

Someday my turn - yes it'll come - I'll explore the angst from above!

Out of the joy -

someday I'll be

One of the


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Dreams that one day something will be here...

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