Overthrust Stimulation

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Used by DELPHI (specifically, Project Fast Forward) to genetically engineer 'super-soldiers', the Overthrust Stimulation is a formula that can advance the human form to a level of capability at which humans can actively engage metahumans, large animals or hostile environments with the ability to survive the encounter.

Qualities of the formula[edit]

The formula provides the following 'physical adaptations for those who are dosed with it:

  • enhances the user's physical form to the peak of human performance capabilities (as defined by his/her own genetic makeup)
  • endows the user with physical capabilities at the limit of baseline-human levels without becoming metahuman. (This includes a significant and noticeable increase in physical attractiveness and enhanced physical senses.)
  • the user will also experience a noticeable increase in mental acuity. (This includes a noticeable increase in general intelligence, and a slightly increased ability in both learning and retention of new skills and knowledge.)

Formula variants[edit]

The Overthrust Stimulation comes in a number of variants (based on the time of effect of the formula). The most common versions of the formula are:

  • Lot Alpha (effects last for six hours with no ill after-effects)
  • Lot Theta (effects last for roughly thirteen months with no after-effects; this is the standard formula that non-metahuman P.O.G.O. team members are dosed with before sent out on long-duration, foreign service assignments)
  • Lot Kappa (an unstable variant used for extreme medical purposes only in cases of individuals with catastrophic physical injuries and/or disfigurements who are deemed too valuable to allow to die at the current time/a mystic or metahuman with healing powers is unavailable in time; the formula's effects will break down in two years and the person will die painlessly)
  • Lot Upsilon (causes a permanent enhancement; can only be used on subjects with O-negative or AB-positive blood types with no trace of scar tissue in their bodies. This means that very few individuals can successfully use this variant)

Known users[edit]