Ow! My Face

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Ow! My Face is a song by Mystik Spiral. It is heard in the episode Ill, performed at The Zon.

It was offered as a download by Reburb. The download clocks in at 35 seconds, but the complete song heard in the show continues for another 15 seconds, overlaid with Jane and Daria's dialogue.

Reburb also offered a French cover version of the song by the group Elastiqué.

Reburb summary[edit]

Original: "An impassioned tale of facial revenge and a tour de force of unmistakable volume. Recorded live at Lawndale's short-lived yet legendary Club Cinderblock. A driving beat coupled with evocative imagery make this one destined to top the charts. If the guys can stop arguing about whether the spiral logo is going in the right direction and ok the CD cover."

Cover: "The only known cover of a Mystik Spiral song, by the French band Elastiqué (CD Single: Cacophonie 1999). A bonus are the extensive liner notes, which analyze the semiotics of the lyrics in term of existential theory and in relation to Pascal's Pensées. Kind of ironic since in translation they totally ignored the crop circle metaphor and turned it into a song about a frying pan, according to Trent's friend Monique's mother."


i'm glad your happy watching my pain burning crop circles on my soul's waves of grain we had no love scene but you cut to the chase you're choppin' off my nose to spite my face ow, my nose ow, my face ow, my nose ow, my face oooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!