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A parody (also known as spoof or send-up) is a type of satire, taking the form of a story or art piece that mocks, pokes fun at, or otherwise comments on another work, creator, style, or genre. Typically this is to ridicule the original or point out its flaws, but in some cases it is done simply in good humor, or even as a loving homage. Due to their nature, parodies tend to be comedic and often utilize hyperbole for effect.

Parody in Daria Canon[edit]

Along with the more prominent straight satire, Daria has used parody in places, and some episodes have been entirely dedicated to parodying other works.

  • Write Where It Hurts - Along with a few genre parodies, two of the stories are direct parodies of The Graduate and Sense and Sensibility.
  • The Lawndale File - Contains many elements which parody The X-Files.
  • Murder, She Snored - Daria's dream contains several rapid-fire parodies of and homages to various works and characters in the mystery genre.
  • Is It Fall Yet? - The opening scene is a parody of beach party films.
  • Other parody elements of the series include Melody Powers, which parodies spy thrillers, particularly those of the Cold War era.

Parodies of Daria[edit]

Outpost Daria mentions that Cracked magazine ran a comic section poking fun at Daria ("Duncia") in its March 1998 issue (#324). The magazine is no longer published, and the website of the same name has little or nothing to do with its predecessor, but back issues might be found online.

Parody in Daria Fanworks[edit]

Parodies made within Daria-based fanworks are typically also crossovers, putting the cast of Daria in the place of and/or alongside the characters of another work and running them through the same or similar events of the original. Other parody types exist - such as parodies of overall genres and even parodies of the Daria series itself - but are not as common.

Examples of Daria fanwork parodies and the works they parody include: