Past Influences

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The 49th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during late August 2001.


Karen arrives back in Boston and everyone begins to catch up on things, such as preparing to attend Daria's Aunt Amy's wedding in two weeks, Karen’s baby nephew Wayne and how Jane’s brother Trent is adapting to married life. They are surprised by the arrival of Elsie Sloane at the door. Daria and Jane are even more surprised to learn that Elsie will not be attending Bromwell, she’s on her way to Logan International Airport. From there she will fly to Archbury, a college in England. In addition, she’s bucking the family tradition by planning on working at Grace, Sloane, and Page after graduation instead of getting married off to be the lady of a manor. As they continue to talk, Daria and Jane learn more of how they influenced Elsie and how much Kay liked each of them. For the first time, Elsie also learns the true story about how Tom started dating Daria. Elsie is next surprised to learn that Daria is to be a bridesmaid in the upcoming Barksdale-Wyatt wedding, which, because of the Wyatt’s wealth, has become the social event of the season for the mid-Atlantic states.

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