The Pigskin Channel is a 24/7 American football channel of football all day every day watch the football WATCH IT IT MOVED

In "The Lab Brat", Daria got out of needing to work with Kevin by distracting him for the entire time with the channel. Quinn Morgendorffer tried in vain to get his attention but football won out; to secure him (he had been asking if he could still go round Daria's to watch Pigskin), Brittany talked her parents into getting satellite TV so she could get the channel.

The channel primarily shows old games. The MTV websites created a homepage for it in the early 90s ("Your Guide To Sweat On The Net"), which promoted upcoming shows:

  • DO THEY RULE OR DO THEY SUCK? Lively debates moderated by fans for fans.
  • OFFENSIVE MOVES Sex scandals of the NFL, hosted by [real-life gossip columnist] AJ Benza
  • DRAFT PICKS Our experts help you select the perfect beer to complement your football-viewing experience.
  • STAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! Overnight call-in show for those with a fondness for numbers and one-upmanship. 99.99 percent fun!