Pizza King is a restaurant in Lawndale, popular as the after-school hangout for Lawndale High students. Daria and Jane hang out there in almost every episode. It is one of the main settings of Daria, along with Lawndale High, the Morgendorffer household, and Casa Lane.

The front shot of Pizza King as it is seen in the majority of episodes

The canon depiction shows a man's head with a crown in the window, his arm holding a pizza aloft. The name isn't given on the window but on Jane Lane's old MTV web page the window image is called the "Pizza King logo." The restaurant might have changed its name later on; in the episode "Aunt Nauseum," to hide from Helen that she's on the phone with Jake, Daria says, "A large pizza with extra cheese. Got it. Thanks for calling Pizza Prince." On the current MTV Daria webpage for "Virtual Lawndale," however, is a yellow building with a green roof called The Pizza Place ("You've tried the rest, now try some of this slop"), located between the Morgendorffers' home and Lawndale High.

Trivia Edit

In Jane's "Gourmet Guide to Pizza Pleasures" webpage, the Pizza King is given her highest rating of 9.7 for "Perfect cheese-to-crust-to-sauce ratio. Just enough unidentifiable burnt things."

Pizza King in fanfiction Edit

Two Girls, a Guy and a Pizza Place by The Excellent S: Daria and Jane return from college to find that they have inherited the Pizza King. According to the letter they receive from the late owner, they were responsible for 25% of its monthly income during their time in Lawndale.

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