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Daria and Quinn as small children, from "Boxing Daria"

Daria fanfiction or fan art that shows the series characters before "Esteemsters," which was the first Daria show considered to be in canon. By this token, Daria's appearances in Beavis and Butt-head were pre-canon.

Baby Daria, from "The Daria Diaries"

The series has several flashbacks to pre-canon events: "Camp Fear" (Daria and Quinn at Camp Grizzly), "Pinch Sitter" (Daria and Quinn as children), "Monster" (Daria and Quinn as infants), and "Boxing Daria" (Daria not fitting in at school). Several episodes would show Helen and Jake's hippie days. We also heard about various pre-canon events and facts, like DeMartino's childhood ("The Daria Hunter") and Trent living in a tent for six weeks hoping someone would invite him back inside ("Lane Miserables"). "The Daria Diaries" and "The Daria Database" add more details, such as photographs of Daria's childhood and Jake & Helen's wedding vows.

Daria in Beavis and Butt-head

Fanfiction has often used the pre-canon details, wielding stories around them or using them as points of divergence for Alternate Universes.

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