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Priscilla Henry is a fictional character created by Brother Grimace who appears in his fanfiction.


Introduced in the fic Tapped Potentials, Priscilla Henry is a former resident of Highland, Texas on Earth D-77 (also the homeworld of Archangel), who is seven years older than the Daria Morgendorffer, and who gained metahuman powers after exposure to meteoroid fragments from a meteor which struck during a outdoors event that occurred when Daria was eleven. Very soon after that, Priscilla was approached by high-ranking members of the U.S. Air Force (in which she had already enlisted) as well as other members of the military (including Kyle Armalin, representing the Marine Corps). Priscilla was immediately called to active duty by the Air Force, and she came to the attention of DELPHI officials - particularly Paula Trainor, who authorized her for selection to Project Nightbreed. (Priscilla is the only Omega Nightbreed she has signed off on.)

Priscilla was recently given a field commission to the rank of Major in the United States Air Force Reserve, as well as a Defender Ring called "Jeanne's Ring" by Trainor, and acts as one of several personal 'troubleshooters' for specific internal problems. (Trainor received the ring directly from an Emissary of the Ringmaster Council during the HST invasion of D-77 and was told she would know who to give it to). Among the situations that she has handled for Trainor was the 'disposal' of General Robert Bakeson. As a Special Assignment Officer, Priscilla has been assigned the code-name of 'Valkyrie'.

Priscilla has performed in many assignments as a Ringbearer, including being part of the initial force of Ringbearers that answered the emergency call to 'D-159' to fight the Class Four zombie outbreak on that world. She is classified as a 'Pathfinder' (also known as 'Earth Hunters'), and is recognized as a specialist in dealing with the specific supernatural threats known as 'cinematics' (beings which actually exist in one reality but are only fictional creations in another, and have somehow managed to 'cross over' to other universes (still possessing the abilities from their own reality).

In the 'Judith Strikes!' fic 'Time To Play' (written by Brother Grimace), it is revealed that although the events of the 'Daylight Crisis' did in fact occur upon this Earth, because of the specific rules set down by the Ringmasters, Priscilla and Archangel were able to act to save millions of lives. It is also revealed that the Daria of this Earth, who possesses metahuman powers that allow her to augment the physical appearance of anyone she chooses to metahuman levels of physical perfection (including herself; the power was granted by exposure to a meteor fragment given to her by Priscilla), has been working with the Ringbearers - and that Lawndale (along with several other cities worldwide) was spared destruction through Ringbearer intervention.

It is known that Priscilla was erased from existence (along with what is presumed to be the entirety of the Corps of Ringbearers that evacuated know existence as per the directive known as Code Kerensky). Priscilla has been seen in the aftermath of the Judith Crisis, but no details of what transpired, or of her survival or resurrection have been yet revealed.

Defender Ring[edit]

As a Ringbearer, Priscilla possesses a Defender Ring (see entry for details).

In 'With New Responsibility, it was revealed that Priscilla's Ring has special attributes that are unknown as of this time. It may be safely assumed to provide Priscilla with either greater levels of ability or as-yet-unrevealed capabilities.

Elemental-affinity powers[edit]

As a result of receiving a Defender Ring, Priscilla's innate elemental affinity of Earth* has been activated. Priscilla's elemental affinity - that of Earth - has been activated. Like the Guardian Cornelia Hale and Alyssa Milano (another of the Ringbearers who also possesses an Earth affinity), Priscilla can do the following with her elemental affinity powers:

  • Control plants, trees, grass and their growth and structure. When doing so, the material in question has superhuman strength and resistance to damage.
  • Manipulate the earth and all related materials such as paper, wood, silt, minerals, crystal, gems, sand, mud, etc., as well as create very limited amounts of those materials
  • Create earthquakes or reduce the intensity of earthquakes already in progress.
  • Create trenches, pits, caves, etc.
  • Form, control or divert the direction of avalanches and mudslides
  • Levitate and throw rocks
  • The ability to sense the location of vegetation or minerals within the Earth
  • Manipulate metal to a limited extent
  • create small volcanoes/geothermal vents, as well as generate and project magma, and generate volcanic gases
  • communicate with sentient earth-based creatures, Earth elementals, and creatures/entities based on the element of Earth.
  • Heal or revive herself by physical contact with fresh earth.

* - earlier entries had incorrectly mistaken Priscilla's affinity to be that of Water.

'True Sight'[edit]

Another secondary effect of her powers is that she possesses the same form of 'True Sight' that Maryann Lyter of The Alliance has, in that she can automatically see through any form of illusion or attempt to camouflage a person's identity, or an item, device or location hidden by anything other than natural or passive means.

A passive 'secondary effect' of Priscilla's 'true sight' is that it acts (at a lesser intensity) like the 'perception filters' of the Defender Ring; in this, Priscilla's mind will automatically shield her from visual effects, environmental factors or powers that require visual contact for their effect (such as calcification, death, or insanity). Priscilla's power modifies the images reaching her brain into imagery that her mind can accept, and nullifies out any debilitating or lethal effects. In extreme cases, Priscilla's 'true sight' will render her unconscious to protect her mind.

Former Powers[edit]


Priscilla formerly possessed the power to create 'Glamours' - illusions so accurate and precise that can fool even electronic and visual detection devices, hyper-senses, low-level psionic scans, and powers/devices that can scan for metahuman abilities. While cloaked in a 'Glamour', Priscilla could effectively mimic anything or anyone, to the point that she could engage in physical intimacies and be impossible to differentiate from the real person. (A secondary effect of this power enabled Priscilla to manipulate her 'Glamour' fields to create accurate tactile sensations across the fields, allowing her to give her 'Glamours' a sense of realism - mass, temperature, skin imperfections, scent and so forth.)

Her 'Glamour' ability cloaked Priscilla so effectively that, when active, she did not leave footprints or register on pressure-sensitive devices, motion detectors, thermal detectors, or devices that detect gases (and thus detect respiration). Her power was so effective that even samples of Priscilla's DNA (as retrievable by blood, tissue and hair samples) could not detect any trace of metahuman ability from her. One practical use for this ability was to simply 'blank' herself from the perceptions of others and appear 'invisible'; in addition, she could control her power so precisely that she could make herself invisible only to specific scans as she chose.

Priscilla had the ability to expand her power outwards to affect other persons or objects. The effective range of her power, used in this fashion, was roughly 100 yards (or the size of a football field.); also, the effective duration of her power was 36 hours, at which time she had to use her power again to continue the effect. If using her power this way, rendering her unconscious would not discontinue the 'Glamour'; otherwise, with normal uses, knocking her out would discontinue the effect. (This did not work on her personal 'Glamours', however. Only killing Priscilla wuuld reverse her personal field and show her true self.) These application of her power would not work on extremely powerful telepaths (upper-level Class Four and above), or telepaths who are in their astral forms (as they could not be fooled by the sensory-alteration aspect of her power).

Other former powers[edit]

Priscilla formerly possessed the metahuman ability to create an forcefield around her entire body. This forcefield was absolutely impervious to any form of penetration, even by psionic or mystical means, or through interdimensional extraction. As a side-effect of her power, Priscilla had the powers of self-sustenance while her field was active (meaning that she had no need to consume food, water or breathe). Also, Priscilla's field allowed her to warp gravitational forces around it, as well as become invulnerable to the effects of inertia and friction; this meant that Priscilla was able to run and fly at trans-light speeds.

Priscilla also formerly possessed a low-level form of clairsentience, which allowed her to fly to other worlds and return safely. The meteor which gave her her original powers altered her DNA in doing so; because of this and the nature of the 'Nightbreed Solution', it is possible that any children Priscilla has could have her original powers. Also, if Priscilla's body was destroyed and somehow reformed, or if she went through an exotic effect that affects the human form down to the genetic level, she would lose her Nightbreed powers but regain her original ones.

Priscilla formerly possessed greatly enhanced resistance to telepathic scans and any forms of mental domination; in addition, she also possessed the power of mind control, and could force up to twenty persons at a time to do anything she wants them to do, regardless of if it is something that they consider morally reprehensible or if it would place them in mortal danger. For some reason, her power was especially potent against anyone with any form or level of mental ability; only persons with mental abilities who have been intensively trained in resisting mental control could effectively resist her power. Her power, however, could not work through force fields (although persons inside the field who had already been exposed to her power would have still remained under her control).

Priscilla also possessed the ability of 'scrying' - the ability to see the current activities of anyone/anything she wishes to see. She could see only up to twenty-four hours into the future, and her power to see the current doings could be blocked by mystic or psionic screens.

As a result of the events of the Tales of the Ringbearers fic 'Spirit Stick', Priscilla's Nightbreed powers have been sealed off and she is unable to use them. (She does, however, still retain her True Sight.) A future fic dealing with the repercussions of the Judith saga will show that all of her former powers before receiving her Defender Ring (save her True Sight) are now permanently removed, as the effects of the Judith Crisis resulted in her meteor-exposed powers and Nightbreed Solution-created powers being removed (perhaps to a body-wide regeneration by the Ring, complete down to the genetic level). It is unknown why her True Sight was the only metahuman ability that Priscilla has retained.

Special Equipment[edit]

As part of her new status and to expedite her duties, Priscilla has been issued an American Express Centurion Card, more commonly known as 'the Black Card'. This card is funded by a special non-disclosed discretionary fund created by disposal of items confiscated by DELPHI during operations (which has not been revealed even to the S.A.O.C.) and allows Priscilla to operate independently of all DELPHI support under Trainor's direct control. When not working directly for Trainor as a member of the Special Assignment Division, Priscilla is an operative for 'Project Uatu', as her powers allow her to operate effectively in any possible area.

Priscilla has recently been given a Visa Infinite card in addition to her AmEx Black Card, which operates off a second DELPHI discretionary fund. This card also has a special nanotech system that allows it to immediately 'create' a Visa account on other worlds by simply using it in any ATM, which she can then deposit funds into (usually by transmuting items and selling them for the local currency).


Priscilla is very fond of horses and is exceptionally fluent in American Sign Language.

As befits a Ringbearer 'cinematic', Priscilla has a wide knowledge of horror-themed films, stage works, television programs, written works (including fairy tales, mythologies and young adult works) and urban legends from a wide range of nations across Earth. When traveling to alternate Earths, Priscilla will make efforts to study any and all similar works that she can find.