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Psychotol has authored Living dead girls, Daria's Braincut, Roofies Roulette, Tit For Twat, The Naked Truth, Brittany's Possession, Queen of the Machines, It's All About The Mission, and has contributed to BDLE and authored its sequels Reunion and Morgan V Morgendorffer. Psychotol's works tend towards the techno-thriller genre, and stories authored by him commonly concern much information and discussion of technological and scientific theories and works, military doctrine, and strategic & tactical ordinance. Some topics that appear repeatedly in Psychotol's works are lobotomies, masochism, forensic science and rape.

There are rumors that Psychotol is a female and hails from the UK, as reported by folks who claim to have met her. However, these stories remain unsubstantiated.

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