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Quinn is a series of post-canon fics by WildDogJJ. As the name implies, it focuses on Quinn Morgendorffer, following her on her senior year of high school, through college, and well into her adulthood. Much like Daria, the series has five seasons.

The stories are as follows:

Quinn, Season 1 (aka "Quinn, The Mini-Series")[edit]

The first season was originally going to be a 13 episode mini series about Quinn's senior year, but proved so popular that I decided to make it an ongoing series. It consists of the following...

1. Burger World: At the start of Quinn's senior year, Helen forces Quinn to get an after school job at Burger World. When Linda does the same to Sandi, they rope Stacy and Tiffany to work at Burger World as well. They all prove to be woefully incompetent at their new job.

2. New Horizons: With the Fashion Club officially disbanded, both Quinn and Stacy decide to broaden their horizons. Stacy joins the school paper while Quinn gets roped into the herculean task of tutoring Kevin.

3. Sibling Anxiety: Daria's having a hard time adjusting to college life and takes it out on Quinn. After a ton of soul searching both sisters come to a newfound understanding of and appreciation for each other, allowing them to put their sibling rivalry behind them for good.

4. Beauty Quinn: Both Quinn and Sandi participate in Ms. Li's latest fundraising scheme...a school beauty pageant.

5. When Fashionistas Attack: Tensions between Quinn and Sandi finally reach the breaking point, resulting in an epic showdown.

6. Sappy Holidays: The good news: Daria's home for Christmas. The bad news: So are Rita and Grandma Barksdale (first appearance of Emma Barksdale).

7. Intervention: Lindy's drinking has gotten so out of control that Quinn and the rest decide to stage an intervention.

8. Quinn's Addition: Grateful for Quinn's support a now sober Lindy sets her up with a guy who seems a little too perfect. Meanwhile, Stacy learns some very incriminating information about Ms. Li.

9. The Legend of Mad Dog Morgendorffer: Quinn has to do a biographic essay of a combat veteran. She decides to do it about her grandfather, the infamous Mad Dog.

10. Sisters Gone Wild: Quinn and Stacy decide to spend Spring Break in Miami and drag Daria and Jane along.

11. Acceptance : Quinn waits to find out if she got into Pepperhill. Meanwhile, a very lonely Sandi decides to make peace with Quinn.

12. There Can Only Be One: The three J's fight over who'll be Quinn's prom date.

13. Farewell, Lawndale High: Quinn and her friends prepare to graduate and proceed to the next chapter of their lives.

Quinn, Season 2[edit]

This one starts four years after the end of season 1.

1. Welcome To The Real World: Four years after high school Quinn is about to finish college and start her adult life. Quinn has spent the previous four years in a serious relationship with a football player named Trevor Anderson, but is thinking of ending things as they are drifting apart. (First appearance of both Trevor Anderson and Nicole Yagami)

2. Return To Lawndale: Both Daria and Quinn make an emergency visit home when Jake has a massive heart attack. While he survives this it will take almost a year for him to recover. Quinn moves back to Lawndale in order to take over Morgendorffer Consulting while Jake recovers. Having nowhere else to go, Nicole comes with Quinn and temporarily moves in with the Morgendorffers. During the move Quinn meets a very interesting guy. (First appearance of Jim Carbone).

3. The New J: Quinn runs her father's business as she and Jim pursue a romantic relationship.

4. Anything For A Friend: A flashback episode telling of Quinn's first few months at college and how she and Nicole became best friends.

5. Fashionable Reunion: The former Fashion Club get together and catch each other up on their lives since high school.

6. My Night At Quinn's: Quinn moves into her own apartment. During an unplanned visit Helen accidentally walks in on Quinn having sex with Jim and is so traumatized by the sight that she temporarily goes blind.

7. Happy Angstgiving: Quinn and Daria are forced to spend Thanksgiving at the Barksdale's mansion in Virginia. While there Quinn witnesses just how toxic Erin and Brian's marriage is.

8. Sandi's Awakening: When Quinn discovers that Sandi now works as a stripper the latter breaks down and tells Quinn the story of how Linda disowned her after she came out as bisexual.

9. The L Word: Quinn and Jim have each admitted to themselves that they're in love. They have a hard time telling each other how they feel, though.

10. Erin's Flight: Erin unexpectedly shows up at Quinn's and reveals that she's finally leaving Brian. Quinn agrees to let Erin stay until she can get her own place and even gives Erin a job at Morgendorffer Consulting. Shit hits the fan, however, when Grandma Emma shows up and tries to make Erin go back to Brian. (As of this episode Jake makes Quinn his full business partner and from then on the company is known as Morgendorffer and Daughter Consulting).

11. Of Glitter Berries And Awesome Boobage: Quinn and Jim go camping, during which Jim accidentally eats glitter berries. (Both the title and Jim's hallucinations are a deliberate homage to the South Park episode "Major Boobage")

12. We Need To Talk: Jim gets a promotion at work, but there's a catch. He has to move to Japan, which means breaking up with Quinn.

13. Priorities: Jim regrets his decision to leave Quinn for a job in Japan. Back in Lawndale Quinn misses Jim so much that she seriously considers following him to work things out. Before she can make good on this, though, Jim shows up at her place and explains that he quit his job and came back after deciding that being with Quinn's more important to him. Quinn is so moved by his professional sacrifice that she insists that Jim move in with her.

Quinn, Season 3[edit]

This season picks up right where season 2 left off

1. Rage Of Aquarious: While Quinn and Jim have dinner at Schloss Morgendorffer Jake and Helen reminisce about their hippie days in the late 60's and early 70's.

2. Quinn's Skin: Jane wants Quinn to come up to Boston and pose for a painting, but there's a catch...Quinn has to pose nude.

3. Jim The Mechanic: Stacy hooks Jim up with a job at her father's automotive business. Unfortunately, one of Jim's new coworkers is Kevin.

4. Cosplayed: Tom Sloane throws a costume party for Halloween and everyone's invited. At the party Sandi and Joey hook up and become a couple while something scary lurks just outside. (first appearance of Storm, a German Shepherd puppy that becomes Quinn and Jim's dog)

5. Meet The Carbones: Quinn and Jim spend Thanksgiving with Jim's family, consisting of his kind hearted mother Gina, his toxic and domineering father Tony, his hot shot brother Chris, Chris' wife Brooke, surly Grandma Angela and licentious Uncle Vito.

6. Mama Drama: Nicole has been dating Tom for a little over a month when a pregnancy scare puts their relationship to the test, a test that Tom fails miserably.

7. Obsession: Quinn runs into Jeffy and they become reacquainted. However, it quickly becomes apparent that not only does Jeffy still have feelings for Quinn but his crush has actually evolved into a dangerous obsession over the years.

8. The Karate Quinn: Rattled by the incident with Jeffy, Quinn decides to take up martial arts so as to better protect herself. Unfortunately, her sensei is Ms. Barch, who has an overly aggressive philosophy when it comes to self defense.

9. The Spiral Path: An unemployed, bandless Trent shows up at Quinn and Jim's apartment. It quickly becomes apparent that Trent intends to mooch off of them indefinitely.

10. Accept No Substitute: When Jake visits Lawndale High for career day his rants about military school cause one of the teachers to suffer a fatal heart attack. To sooth things over, Jake volunteers Quinn to teach the class until a permanent replacement can be found.

11. Temptation: Jim's loyalty to Quinn is tested when an attractive female coworker begins actively trying to seduce him.

12. A Soldier's Return: While out shopping Sandi and Joey run into Jamie. They learn that he just got out of the Army, having enlisted after 9/11. Quinn and Stacy decide to throw a welcome home party for Jamie. What no one knows is that Jamie's struggling with PTSD from his multiple combat deployments.

13. Clash Of The Families: Helen invites Tony and Gina to spend Memorial Day with them while Rita and Emma invite themselves, setting the stage for an epic family meltdown.

14. Beach Daze: When it becomes apparent that Nicole and Jamie have a crush on each other Quinn decides to play yenta by taking them to the beach on a double date with her and Jim.

Quinn, Season 4[edit]

Season 4 begins one year after Season 3 and is set during the 2008 - 2009 financial crisis...

1. Return Of The Misery Chick: Out of money and unable to get a job due to the recession, Daria is forced to move back in with her parents. While this is going on Stacy and her husband, Chuck (Upchuck), are expecting their first child.

2. Acceptable Losses: Jim's self esteem takes a huge hit when his job becomes another casualty of the recession. At the same time Jamie is called back into the army, jeopardizing his relationship with Nicole.

3. Locked In The Closet: Sandi introduces Quinn and Jim to her new boyfriend Adam. The trouble starts when Jim discovers that Adam's actually gay and Sandi doesn't know that she's being used as a beard.

4. The Coming Of The Cynic: A flashback episode set in the year 1981. A time when Jake and Helen, like America, were growing more conservative and a little bundle of cynicism was on the way.

5. The Fall Of The House Of Barksdale: Quinn discovers that Grandma Emma lost her entire fortune in the financial meltdown.

6. Strange Uncle: Jim's uncle, Vito, shows up at his and Quinn's apartment needing a place to stay after his wife kicked him out for cheating. Quinn soon discovers that reining in Vito's lecherous tendencies is much easier said than done.

7. Making The Video: When Morgendorffer and Daughter Consulting is driven out of business by the ongoing recession Quinn struggles to break the news to her father. At the same time Nicole wants to make a sexy video for Jamie and enlists Sandi's aid in doing so. This episode ends with Quinn starting her YouTube channel, S'mores 'n' Pores.

8. The War Comes Home: Quinn, Daria, Jim and Nicole visit some old friends in New York. While there Nicole receives a phone call informing her that Jamie was severly injured after his convoy was ambushed in Baghdad and he's being sent home. When Daria asks why the Army is telling her instead of Jamie's next of kin Nicole reveals that she and Jamie secretly got married before he shipped out.

9. Post -Partum and Post-Traumatic: The birth of Charles Ruttheimer The Fourth leaves Stacy with a case of post -partum depression that's so severe that Quinn becomes very concerned for the baby's well being. At the same time, Nicole struggles to help Jamie cope with his injuries, both physical and psychological.

10. Identity Crisis: Jeffy is released from psychiatric care after a review board deems him to no longer be a threat. However, it soon becomes apparent that his dangerous obsession with Quinn remains.

11. Nurse Quinn: Quinn helps Jim recover from being shot, but he soon chafs under the restrictions that both the doctors and Quinn have placed on him.

12. Fading Memories: Grandma Emma's increasingly eccentric behavior prompt both Helen and Rita to take her to the neurologist. A battery of behavioral tests confirm tha Emma is suffering from Alzheimers.

13. Love And Regrets: To celebrate four years together Quinn and Jim spend a week in Ocean City. Meanwhile, Helen is growing increasingly disillusioned with her job. On the date of their anniversary Jim actually proposes to Quinn.

Quinn, Season 5[edit]

1. Mr. White Goes To Washington: When Quinn and Jim announce their engagement to Ninole and Jamie the latter make an announcement of their own. For his actions in Iraq Jamie is invited to The White House to personally receive the Medal Of Honor from President Obama.

2. Disturbia: With their YouTube channels making serious money and mortgage rates at record lows Quinn and Jim decide it's time to upgrade from an apartment to a house. Once settled into their new home, they discover (to their horror) that they now live next door to Kevin and Brittany.

3. Strange Love: Sandi introduces Quinn and Jim to her girlfriend, Danielle Todds. However, it soon becomes apparent that Danielle has a crush on Quinn, leading to a very awkward situation.

4. Semper Infidelis: When Jim, Jamie and Chuck plan a hunting trip Brittany forces them to take Kevin with them. While the guys are away Quinn makes two shocking discoveries. First, she finds a pair of panties in Jim's new car. Then, she catches Brittany cheating on Kevin with her personal trainer. (This episode is the beginning of a running gag of Brittany having an extramarital affair, not being discreet about it, and Kevin being too dumb to catch on)

5. Sandi's Escape: When Tom Sloane shows an interest in Sandi she plans to seduce him for his money. Things get complicated when Sandi starts to have real feelings for Tom.

6. Return To Highland: Quinn and Jim are on the way to visit his brother in California when car trouble leaves them stranded in Highland. Guest starring Beavis and Butt-Head.

7. California Screamin': Quinn and Jim are spending Christmas in LA with his brother, Chris, and Chris' wife Brooke. The trouble starts when Quinn catches Brooke cheating on Chris. At the same time Daria begins dating a now grown up Link.

8. Wreckconcilliation: Eight years after disowning Sandi for being bi Linda shows up wanting to make piece. Everyone immediately suspects ulterior motives.

9. Creating Cute: During Quinn's 27th birthday Jake and Helen recall their lives around the time Quinn was born.

10. Maidzillas: Sandi and Stacy fight over who'll be the maid of honor at Quinn's wedding.

11. Another Night At Daria's: Daria and Link decide to physically consumate their relationship. Jake accidentally walks in on them doing so.

12. Helen's Odyssey: Disillusioned with being a corporate lawyer, Helen reflects on her life in the nearly four decades since she and Jake left the commune.

13. Boxing Quinn: Ten years after the events in "Boxing Daria" it's now Quinn's turn to have a soul searching encounter with a refrigerator box.

14. Is It Over Yet, Pt. I: As Quinn and Jim's wedding approaches everyone begins to converge on Lawndale.

15. Is It Over Yet, Pt. II: Quinn's friends throw a bachelorette party for her while Jim's friends give him a bachelor party he'll never forget. The bachelorette party ends with Quinn and Sandi making out in a hot tub while the bachelor party ends with everyone being arrested.

16. Is It Over Yet, Pt. III: The big day has finally arrived. Quinn and Jim are getting married. Things go smoothly until Jim's father, Tony, angrily makes a scene during the ceremony. Later, Tony attacks Jim in a drunken rage during the reception. This triggers Jake as Tony reminds him of his own father, enraging Jake to the point of physically assaulting Tony. This causes the reception to degenerate into a full blown riot, during which Quinn, Jim, the bridesmaids and groomsmen make a quick exit before the cops show up. The episode and series end with Daria, Jane, Stacy and Nicole seeing Quinn and Jim off at the airport as they go on their honeymoon.