A character in Falling Into College. He is an entomology graduate student at the University of California-Lakeside that Quinn Morgendorffer met while she was flying home for Christmas and he was going to see his grandparents. By the end of their flight, he had made a strong impression on her. By Spring Break, a romance had started between them. To avoid confusion between the two Quinn's, Fran nicknamed him "Q".

He is a California resident, from the north end of the Central Valley near Redding. His parents are divorced and he hasn't seen his father in many years. His maternal grandparents live in south Florida, where the family gathers for Christmas every year.

By the end of the series, he had asked Quinn to move in with him. She declined, wishing to stay in the Theta Theta Theta house, but to ask her again in another year.

First appeared in "Emerald Season."