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Quinngali is a story begun by Nemo Blank and continued by Scissors MacGillicutty at the PPMB. The pronunciation of the title is meant to rhyme with "Svengali" and indicates the original premise of the story: Quinn has prodigious hypnotic abilities and uses them not only on her male admirers but almost everyone in her life, most nefariously on Daria. Helen is immune to Quinn's powers. Jane discovers Quinn's manipulation of Daria when she covertly videotapes the three J's debasing themselves before Quinn and records Quinn implanting a hypnotic suggestion in Daria.

The close of Nemo Blank's fragment indicated that this was to be a tale of revenge and retribution:

Shivering with rage, Jane followed her only friend to see what she could do. The tape would be a big help. She had a feeling that Daria was going to be smiling at Quinn very soon.

MacGillicutty's continuation has gone off on tangents about the nature of identity, Quinn's sexuality (or lack thereof), psychological projection, and the nature of volition and intention, to name only a few. He has also interlarded the narrative with (gratuitous?) allusions to the classic movies The Manchurian Candidate, Yojimbo, and Sanjuro with the protagonist from the latter two films—and even their director—making brief appearances. To tax the bounds of Dariafic canonical propriety even further, an unnamed doctor makes an extended appearance whose manner of speaking and hostility towards any but the most diagnostically challenging cases indicate that he is Gregory House.

MacGillicutty, already notorious for leaving work unfinished, claims he can finish this. However, that he is spending his time writing a Wiki article instead of continuing work on the story does not bode well.