Quinntet is the eighth "episode" of C.E. Forman's Lost Season One (of The Lost Seasons series), written in fall of 1998. It is the second of two parts, following "Rain on Your Parade". Like all of Forman's Lost Season episodes, it is written in quasi-script form with three Acts and commercials.

Summary edit

Lawndale is holding its annual "Lawndale Days" festival, which turns the entire downtown into a carnival with a parade, craft booths, and a band competition. Several plot threads are woven throughout the story, which includes nearly everyone in the Seasons One and Two Dariaverse. In the main plot, Daria avoids Trent after the band competition and runs into her Aunt Amy, who urges her to face her fears. Quinn and Sandi get drunker and drunker as a result of their competition. Jake's "fun" turns into a nervous breakdown, forcing Helen to intervene.

Trivia edit

Aunt Eleanor is first referenced in this fanfic.

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