Rachel Landon

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Rachel looking resentfully at her baby brother, in a Landon family photo in The Daria Database.

Rachel Landon is the younger sister of Jodie Landon, mentioned in canon only in the caption for an illustration found in The Daria Database. Andrew Landon, her father, refers to "my girls" in "Gifted" but without naming Rachel.

Rachel's portion of the caption, below a family photo of the well-to-do Landons, reads: "Rachel, 11: So-so student." (Jodie is shown at age 16, noted to be a "superstudent.") The caption goes on to quote Rachel's hatred of her baby brother Evan, age six months. She obviously harbors considerable resentment and jealousy over little Evan's favored status as the baby of the family, saying that used to be her role and he "ruin[ed] everything". As further proof, her father expresses a special favoritism for Evan in "Gifted."

Rachel Landon in Daria Fanfiction[edit]

Rachel is not often used in fanfics. Crusading Saint had an interesting take on her in "Present Moment," giving her a crush on Mack, her older sister Jodie's boyfriend. She appears with a number of similar-age peers in other stories, even being a friend of Veronica Morgendorffer in "Illusions."

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