Ragged Denim

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Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Ragged Denim was a Daria fanfiction story written by Tony Seljuk and Katherine Goodman. Tony Seljuk used the penname "T. Wilde." Katherine Goodman used the penname "Ivanova," which was formerly her nickname on IRC's #Daria+ IRC chatroom. It is one of the very few male/male slash stories Daria fics and remains a well-told work.

The story centers around Jesse Moreno, who turns tricks as a gay party-boy to make money. One night, after Trent brings an inebriated Jesse home from a hotel, his relationship with Jesse turns physical. Meanwhile, Daria suffers the misfortune of being accused of a suicide attempt. There are graphic depictions of gay sex between Trent and Jesse; the story is clearly not for general audiences.

After its initial publication, it received a cold reception from the Daria fan community, which was generally not receptive to adult-themed works in the 1990s. Seljuk withdrew the story from publication and later withdrew from Daria fandom.

The only copy of the story can be found at the mirrored Lawndale After Dark site at The Sh33p's Fluff.


Ragged Denim at The Sheep's Fluff