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Biographical Information[edit]

Nick Gaston, aka "Ranchoth," has been a Daria fanfic author since 2003. He is known for meticulously researching story details that no one would care about anyway, taking his sweet time getting things done, and for throwing in with doomed sides in "shipper" debates.

Ranchoth has produced a number of "photoshopped" pieces of fanart, and has collaborated with Richard Lobinske on several original works of fanart.

While not presently an Angst Lord, and has not to his knowledge ever even been considered for such status, Ranchoth does like to think of himself as a Marquis of Vaguely Unsettling Implications.

People on at least three different, totally unrelated message boards have a habit of accidentally calling him "Rancloth." He has absolutely no idea why.

Fanon and Fan Culture Contributions[edit]

  • Currently maintains "Slasher Fics", aka The (Mostly) Non-Smutty Slashfic Page, which should be at least semi-self explanatory.
  • Around early 2003, Nick briefly mentioned an idea he had for an AU story featuring a Jacob "Jay" Lane, on an incarnation of the Paperpusher's Message Board. TAG replied that he had a similar idea he'd been working on, and that if Nick ever posted the "Jay" story, he'd start on "Darius." Later in 2003, Ranchoth gave up the "Jay" idea for "adoption" on the PPMB, where author Beth Ann was able to use it as a basis for her series "Age Old Question"—which, true to his word, sparked TAG to officially start "Darius," which itself would later inspire Richard Lobinske to begin his John Lane series!

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