The 37th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs in mid to late January 2001.

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Jane again prepares to enter the “Boston Ice Tea Party”, BFAC’s ice sculpture competition, along with her friend Nell. Daria learns she sold her first non-Melody Powers story to Musing Magazine. To get time off from work for the project, Jane agrees to keep the children at the hospital updated on her progress. To further include her children, Jane has each make a small sculpture that she’ll make molds of and cast in weak tea to include in her work, a girl looking at a collection of figurines on a table. A snag happens when the hospital’s Public Information officer becomes worried about having the institution associated with the contest, after the controversial nature of some previous entries. If the hospital pulls its approval, Jane won’t get paid for any of the time she spent with the children working on the project and the children's work can't be recognized.

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