Reality Crossover

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Daria at a party with real people on MTV's Daria's New Year Outlook, 12/31/2001

A reality crossover is a Daria fanfic in which one or more characters enter the "real world" that we know, possibly meeting real-life fans, fanfiction authors, fan artists, or even the Daria show's creators in real person fiction. A reality crossover might also be a story in which the Daria characters are revealed to be actors who take part in the TV series. The series was well known for having Daria and Jane appear in off-canon canon situations in which they either appear in the real world or else have knowledge of it and their existence as cartoon characters.

It is possible to consider a reality crossover as the exact opposite of real-person fiction. In the former, Daria or one of her cohorts appears in the real world; in the latter, a real-life celebrity appears in a Dariaverse.


Reality crossovers are not often seen. Some notable examples are given below.