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Reburb is a in-universe website active in the year 2000 that profiles angry suburban bands. They had a page for Mystik Spiral, located in the section "Rock>Medium Loud>King of Deep>Sorta Trippy". It had a Downloading For Dollars program (the Spiral had earned $6.04) where you can download four Spiral MP3s: "Icebox Woman", "Ow! My Face", "Little Sister", and "Every Dog Has Its Day".

It promotes bands similar to Spiral, called Tragyc Cyrcle, Pyre of Pain, and Styptic Pencil.

On the subject of those MP3s: "All material is protected by copyright law and international treaties. You may download this material for personal use only. You may not resell, distribute, or duplicate for your own personal gain unless authorized by the copyright holder. It's kind of a scout's honor system. Honestly, we can't really do much about it. Please don't screw us over. Thank you."

As well as listing the history of Mystik Spiral, it has gushing reviews of all the songs up for sale and of "Freaking Friends" ("Mystik Spiral's most ambitious song yet, an opus of sorts, clocking in at least 2 minutes")

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