A Quinn-centered ficlet by Angelinhel, written in response to an Iron Chef proposed by MMan to "describe a Daria character's worst nightmare."

Plot Summary edit

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

A note from one of the Three Js, Jamie White has left a note for Quinn in her locker to meet him under the bleachers after school. Knowing he and his friend were constantly trying to impress her to win a date, Quinn convinces the rest of the Fashion Club to go with her.

A note taped to the side of the bleachers reveals Jamie has planned something to 'make Quinn remember him', alluding to the fact Quinn never gets his name right. To the shock and horror of the Quinn and the Fashion Club, Jamie has hung himself under the bleachers, writing a love note to Quinn in the dirt under his feet.

Quinn wakes up, realizing it was a nightmare, but will never forget Jamie's name again.

Trivia edit

  • One reviewer noted only Quinn would "have such an ego, that in their dreams guys are committing suicide because of [her]." which was an interesting insight, but not part of the author's original intention.

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