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Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Reunions follows The Other Side of Things in the Submariner Series by Wildgoose. The story starts with Quinn pregnant (using an egg donated by Daria because Quinn was among many of the post Y2K survivors unable to have children). She receives an invation to a combined Lawndale High reunion for her and Daria's classes. Worried about her continued depression about being paralyzed, her husband conspires with Daria's daughters to get Quinn prepared and interested in the reunion, and hints at there being a special surprise. Meanwhile, Daria is alos less than thrilled about the idea, but is carried along by Jane after some minor misadventures.

At the reunion, the surprise for Quinn is her old wingman, Kathryn, whom was not killed in air combat but had been held captive for the last couple years. In addition, more of Kathryn's faye background is revealed.