Revelation Day

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Revelation Day is the term coined by the media to refer to the day on which the members of National Legion Chapter Number One arrived on Puerto Rico, and began open demonstrations of their metahuman abilities in their efforts to provide humanitarian assistance and engage in emergency rescue operations across the island.

These actions by the Legion came in direct response by the blatant inaction by the Trump Administration in response to the disaster and growing humanitarian crisis on the island, as well as the rising popular sentiment that such inaction was due to a number of factors that were seen as manifestly wrong and demonstrative or racial animus towards the predominately Latino population. After taking a vote, the active compliment of Legionnaires deployed to the island, and engaged in several weeks worth of relief efforts that brought them (and the organization) global attention.

Upon their return to the United States (escorted home by aircraft of all five branches of the U.S. military), the Legionnaires were greeted with massive parades (including a ticker-tape parade in New York City). The Legionnaires received a number of honors; in addition, Colonel Kyle Armalin was promoted to the rank of Major General (the highest permanent officer's rank in the U.S. military), and Brenda Nemec was allowed to return to duty in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, with her former rank of Sergeant Major.