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Rob is an Asian-American classmate of Daria's and backgrounder given name via seating chart in "Cafe Disaffecto". He is forever seen with that pleasant smile and grey shirt.

A fan of "Mental in the Morning", overhearing Daria's comments in "Jake of Hearts" and being left horrified.

In the school trip in "Antisocial Climbers", Rob had brought a sleeping bag in his kit - not that this helped him, because Ms. Barch stole it the instant he unpacked it. (Naturally he was quite stunned by this.) In the early part of the trip, Rob had been walking with "Layered Blonde" as if they were friendly.

Rob watched a failed game with dismay in "The F Word".

His most significant moment in fanfiction came from The Excellent S suggesting he's the recurring tertiary punk Koichi in "God Save The Esteem", which led to S himself putting the guy into Lawndale Fighting Championship as wrestler Koichi "Rob" Robazaki, tag-team parter with Shane. He makes a minor appearance as a member of the Anime Club in cfardell_Brenorenz29's "Quinn's Code".