Robert Cord

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A fictional character in Doggieboy's Apocalyptic Daria, Robert Cord is a man who died of natural causes (possibly a massive heart attack) in his home because of the events of Black Saturday. Daria and Jane came across his home on the second night after Black Saturday as they were looking for shelter. The two girls were forced to kill three men in self-defense (they had come to torture and kill Mr. Cord, and planned to do the same to any visitors he had with him).

Before leaving, Daria & Jane were able to retrieve supplies that would be of use in the coming days, including a 30-06 deer rifle, 12-gauge 'double-barreled' shotgun, a 10-gauge single-round shotgun, a .357 Magnum revolver (like the .357 taken from Larry Carter, which would become Daria's personal weapon), and a .22 'Rossi' , as well as assorted amounts of ammunition. They also took Mr. Cord's SUV, after forging documents to indicate that Jane's father had bought the vehicle for $5000.00 days before Black Saturday.