Run, Jane, Run

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For the Falling Into College story by Richard Lobinske, see "Run Jane, Run."

A ficlet by Angelinhel that suggests the origin of Jane's love of running.

Tied for "Favorite Jane" Story in the 1st Daria Fanworks Awards.

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Plot Summary[edit]

Trent is racing his sister Jane to the hospital after she fell of the gazebo in their backyard and broke her leg. While doctors tend to Jane, Trent tries to fill out paperwork, revealing the hapazard family situation the Lanes are perpetually in. With things relatively settled and Jane taken care of, they return home. Jane is understandably upset she will miss the entire summer, stuck in a cast.

Through determination in her physical therapy, Jane recovers quickly and begins a life-long love of running, appreciating the fact she can after being immobile for so long.

It is revealed Trent has told the story to Daria as a gentle way of explaining why Jane was late to meet her for Bad Movie Night.


Angelinhel has said she wrote story after she completed her own physical therapy, citing Jane's reason as her own for inspiration to run every day.

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