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Schloss Morgendorffer is the fandom name given to the Morgendorffers' Lawndale home. It is one of the main settings of Daria, along with Lawndale High, Casa Lane, and Pizza King.

The Daria Database reveals that the Morgendorffers live on 1111 Glen Oaks Lane in Lawndale (the "Glen" probably a Tuckerization for Glenn Eichler). The house is notorious for the animation errors in various canon episodes that appear to show the interior and exterior of the house changing dramatically over time, often in ways that make the structure seem non-Euclidean in nature. This peculiarity has been seized upon in various science-fiction and fantasy fanfics (see below). It has even been claimed that the house is (or is part of) a tesseract.

As a result of these errors, it is difficult to create an accurate map of the interior of the house, though such has been courageously attempted by several determined fans. It has been easier to create detailed layouts of the home room-by-room, though such are also prone to change over time in odd ways. Separate articles cover the different rooms in the house in greater detail.

Overview of the Home[edit]

The house has a fairly large yard without any garden. The morning sun shines in through the two windows over Daria's bed in the opening of Daria!, so we can suppose that her bed is on the east wall, and therefore the back of the house probably faces east.


Walking in the front door one is presented with the steps leading to the second floor. To the left is the living room, where the family television is, and to the right is the garage. The kitchen and dining nook where the Morgendorffers have most of their meals is to the rear left of the house from the front door, and behind the garage.


Walking up the steps brings one almost to the rear of the house, where Daria's bedroom is located. If you are standing at the top of the steps, the bedroom is to your immediate left. To your right is presumably the bathroom. To the front of the house are Jake and Helen's bedroom (on the left side when coming up the steps - same side of the house as Daria's), and Quinn's room (on the same side of the house as the bathroom).

Upstairs References[edit]

In Daria! the camera pans up from Trike Girl to Jake singing in the left-side 2nd floor window, then pans over to Quinn singing in the 2nd floor right side.

In Boxing Daria, Daria cannot check on the refrigerator box from her bedroom - she has to go to the glass window in the front of the upstairs hallway, where she sees it out at the curb. Plus, the top of the steps is outside of her bedroom door.


   Daria's Bedroom
   Quinn's Bedroom
   Helen and Jake's Bedroom
   Spare Bedroom
   Dining Room
   Living Room
   Second Floor
   Front and Back Yards

Fanfics Using Distorted-Layout Setting[edit]

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