Seeking Hearts

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The 19th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during early May 2000.


Daria and Michael's reunion by RLobinske.

With help from Karen's brother Terry, Daria, Jane, and Karen finally find a second floor apartment in a 19th-century house in South Boston. After helping to move everyone to the new place, Terry drives Daria and Jane to Lawndale on the way south to take Karen to Georgia. Through it all, Daria and Michael Fulton attempt to contact each other without success. Jane's roommate CC moves to the first floor of the dorm as a new RA. To help distract Daria, Helen takes her and Quinn out car shopping; Quinn finds a red, used Vexxer and uses her charms to get a good price, but Daria doesn't find anything. Helen talks to Daria that night about August 1969, when she and Jake had broken up, and the efforts they made to get back together after their arrests in Boulder, Co. Later, Helen gets a phone call and the next morning, asks Daria to make sure she's home in the afternoon for a delivery.

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