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The Sh33p's Fluff Message Board, also known as SFMB, is a gathering place for Daria fans.


The Sh33p's Fluff Message Board was created by Thea Zara, with the help of Gamer, on 5th October 2003. According to Thea Zara, the conversation went like this:

 Gamer: so uh you wanna message board while i'm moving us and everything? 
 thea: uuuh  i guess so

Conceived of as an alternative message board for people who wanted a forum with a different ethos to that of the Paperpusher's Message Board, the name was created and agreed on in an SFMB2 chat between Thea Zara, Ben Yee, Gamer, Reese Kaine, Wyvern, Brandon League, srdarkwing, and Deref.

One, but not the only, driver was the ability to discuss adult topics. Another driver was to provide a home for what was a growing band of younger Daria fans, several having come to the show via the Noggin Network, a heavily (and many felt ridiculously) censored re-broadcast. Some of the denizens of the Paperpusher's board were becoming increasingly annoyed by what they felt was juvenilia posted by the enthusiastic young fans. Wanting to encourage them, Thea Zara gave them a place of their own - Tanandaria, a.k.a. "The Cave" - on the Sh33p's Fluff, while protecting them from adult topics by making the adult forums accessible by invitation only.

Now nearly completely overrun by spam-bots advertising usually either kitchen appliances or porn.



  • Jibber Jabber: If it doesn't go anywhere else, talk about it in here.
  • The large and small screens: Discussions of Movies and Television go here. Spoiler warning is to be assumed.
  • Story Hour: Gather round kiddies and listen to the soothing words. Tales be told here.
  • The Written Word: For the discussion of 'reading material' including but not limited to e-books, comic books, graphic novels, and the old fashioned bound paper.
  • Fun & Games: On going games go here. If you have a suggestion for a new game, come on in and tell us about it.

The Sh33p's Fluff

  • New Lambs: Look here for what's new at the Fluff. (Satisfied now Brandon?)
  • Fan Art: Is it a Jane Lane original? Or should Brittany cross it off with some red lipstick? You tell us.
  • Fan Fiction: Loved it? Hated it? Want to worship the author? Here's the place to speak out about what you've read. Do try and be a LITTLE polite, after all YOUR lynching could be next.
  • The Baa'd Sh33p: Discuss Mistress Daria's Dungeon fanfiction and fan art here. Adult Content. (Members-only)
  • Turn of the Tail: Suggestions, Complaints, and Comments need to be submitted in triplicate on the special forms... or you could just tell me here. :)

Groups and Other Oddities

  • Tanandaria: The private playground for the Tanandaria user group
  • Lane Family Reunions: Planning a Dariacon, or just meeting for a battle to the death over an insult from Flame Wars, this is the place to agree on weapons, or decide who's bringing the potato salad.
  • Flame Wars: Just what it sounds like, faint of heart or easily hurt you've been warned. Adult language and hostility dwell within; Abandon all hope ye who enter here. (Members-only)


Thea Zara's activity as the board owner has declined somewhat over the recent past, and she's left the running of the board in the hands of Brandon League, Angelinhel, Angelboy, HelpfulSkittlesExplosion and Deref.

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