Sharon Pingree

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A fictional character first seen in "A Path of Roses and Thorns," Sharon Pingree is a member of the Diplomatic Protection Group assigned to the protection detail of Bethany Sommerville-Howes (the wife of the current British Ambassador to the United States), and a good friend of Amy Barksdale and Paula Trainor. A tall, leggy beauty with short, platinum-blonde hair, Sharon was originally assigned to the Ambassador's detail not because of her (quite formidable) skills, but because the Ambassador wanted her to become his mistress.

(To her credit, Sharon admits that the transfer was more about the Ambassador's chauvinistic belief that women are not as intimidating as security officers, and are better served acting as covert security, rather than as retaliation for her refusal. Even after her transfer and refusal to sleep with Lord Sommerville-Howes, the Ambassador still has a fondness for her and a respect for her skills, and felt that his wife would be well-protected by Sharon.)

Sharon speaks in a very proper, formal manner and with an equally proper British accent. She also has a noted proclivity to address everyone by their formal names and titles. For example, she always addresses Sammi Rudolph as 'Samantha'.